interview with professional
Woman Has Nothing To Hide, Reveals How Fake Her Instagram Photos Really Are (30 Pics) (Interview With Professional)
"The not-so-pretty pictures made me laugh so hard and I hoped it would make others laugh as well. And it could give a really nice and honest message to my followers."
Woman Has Nothing To Hide, Reveals How Fake Her Instagram Photos Really Are (30 Pics) (Interview With Professional)
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Perfect people. Wearing perfect clothes. Having the time of their lives on perfect holidays. That’s mostly what you see when you scroll through Instagram. Especially if you follow any major influencers. However, we forget that these pictures are usually staged and don’t reflect reality.

Amsterdam-based influencer and vlogger Rianne Meijer decided to have some fun with this concept and uploaded a series of photos showing side-by-side comparisons of ‘perfect’ Instagram shots coupled with what reality is like. And they are hi-la-ri-ous.

“When I make Instagram pictures I always take between 200 and 400 pictures. Which is insane and I wouldn't use 90% of them,” Rianne told Bored Panda. “It always amazes me to see how different I looked in every picture. So at one point I was laying in bed and I figured, why not post the pictures next to each other in an Instagram vs. reality post.” Scroll down for the rest of our interview with Rianne.

We bring you some of Rianne’s funniest comparison photos. So scroll down, upvote your fave pics and let us know in the comments what you think of Rianne’s project. Remember to share this list with anyone who might be just a tad too serious about their social media profile. And be sure to check out our previous article about Rianne’s Instagram vs. reality pics right here.

“First of all, the not-so-pretty pictures made me laugh so hard and I hoped it would make others laugh as well. And second, it could give a really nice and honest message to my followers. It kind of felt like only posting the perfect Instagram pictures was basically lying, so for me to post the other ones next to it made it more real. That’s why I posted the Instagram vs. reality pictures. And it turned out to be a good call. I love that now I stand for something online.”

She added: “I’m not just a pretty face.”

We wanted to hear Rianne’s opinion about how she thinks people are affected by seeing ‘perfect’ pictures on Instagram all the time.

“I think it can affect you in a huge way. We spend more and more time online on social media, which makes social media more and more a part of our reality. So if we see a lot of perfect pictures online, at one point that becomes our reality. Which is a really hard reality to live up to. Especially for younger people who have a hard time looking ‘beyond’ the perfect images.”

Bored Panda was also to hear the influencer’s thoughts about why she believes most people want to look ‘perfect’ on social media.

“I think for generations we tried to look in someway ‘perfect.’ For example, saying hello to someone on the streets and them asking: ‘Hey, how are you?’ And your response would probably be: ‘I’m fine! How are you?’ But in reality we might actually not feel fine at all.”

“I feel like the same goes for social media. I think in the end we care quite a lot about what other people think of us, probably even more than we like to realize, and we want that image to be as good as possible. And that’s probably a big part of why most of us try to look as perfect as possible online, and only share the really good stuff.”

However, Rianne thinks that there are some things that we can do about it. “What can be done about this is first of all realizing that you only share the perfect pictures online. I think a lot of us don’t even notice they do it.”

“So just take an honest look at your online profile and see if there’s a little more you want to share with the world. If what you’re sharing feels like a legit image of yourself then that’s great! If not, then maybe try to post something a little less perfect once in a while. It might surprise you how cool the response will be. The power of not being perfect all the time is huge and I think more people should use it.”

Some members of the younger generation are abandoning the “Instagram look” and are opting for a more natural (not to mention hilarious) take on their personalities. For instance, college student Sonia Uppal told The Atlantic that people from her generation are “trying to seem candid. People post a lot of mirror selfies and photos of them lounging around.”

While influencer Reese Blutstein explained why she doesn’t over-stage her photos: “I’m not afraid to over-post. I don’t think, Oh, will this mess up how my feed looks. I don’t think too much about it. If I like an image, I just post it.”

She also added that “For my generation, people are more willing to be who they are and not make up a fake identity. We are trying to show a real person doing cool things as a real person, not trying to create a persona that isn’t actually you.”

So there’s hope yet that the trend to post honest (well, slightly more honest) photos might just become something that defines social media in the future. However, in the meantime, we’ll still have to deal with looking at perfect photos that make us think that we totally should be working from a beachside cafe somewhere in Bali.

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Biljana Malesevic
Pls no more!
Your Daily Dose Of Lesbian
All she did was making weird faces for the "truth" photos. Really?
Not again!
Avital Pilpel
Yes, it's such *hard work* taking hundreds of photos of yourself, choosing the most flattering to publish, and thinking people now owe you free luxury items, vacations, etc. Narcissism seems to be a requirement for "working" as an "influencer".
For me, this "I'll show you what I really look like" comparison is nothing more than another attempt to collect clicks and likes with nonsense. Most of these comparisons are not half as honest as claimed and often enough they look just as staged as the original pictures. What does that tell us now? That the actual pictures are staged? That people don't always look like they just spent three hours in front of the mirror? Wow, what a discovery. For those who didn't know this until today, even these comparisons are of little use. In the end it's all about fishing for compliments. I'm sure there have been honest comparisons, but this is... Well, what am I getting upset about?
Ola Polowczyk
Yeah... We all know... Angles and poses matter... Enough of this...
Human #1,232,867
We heard you the first time.
Why are so many insta adverts on bp? That's garbage.
heidi holmes
This whole post needs a massive downvote! The influencer posts are stupid and watching people make fun of others with less than stellar camera skills or a less than perfect body is shameful! Come on Bored Panda you're better than that!
Demi Zwaan
Ok, so a gorgeous woman can pull in her chin and look more average. Awesome. Now show me someone who normally looks that average become gorgeous by tilting her head.
The Australian army members feeding koalas are way cuter. And they don't need to force it.
Catalina Hernandez
Bored Panda, please stop these posts. We have seen so many of this. So many "influencers" trying to become image warriors by pretending to look "real" in pictures its pretty weird and fake
Samma Jamma
These posts are getting incredibly mundane and tiresome. Put them to bed.
Iced Tea
Like anybody cares...
Stop with these posts!!!!! We don't buy it!
The best part about this article is that is has -63 votes! Maybe BP will get the hint
First off - Of COURSE she has nothing to hide. She's beautiful. Beautiful people making "funny/goofy" faces are still beautiful people. And this is exactly the reason. People laud her for being so "real" and start following her more. It's marketing. Second - enough of this crap - people don't want it. It's petty and pathetic. Enough.
Hehe. I'm quirky and honest because I mess up my hair a bit and make myself have a double chin on purpose
mummy pig
Come on bp, stop this sh*t
Geoffrey Holland
I've never seen a post with this many downvotes. Take the hint writer.
Amberly Middlemiss
I'm so sick of these!! posing nicely for a photo, having good lighting, and knowing what your best angles are doesn't make it 'fake'!
Saw some pics; why fake the double chin??? Boring anyway..
Liu Woods
I liked it the first time! But stop with the insta vs reality already!
Pseudo Puppy
Posing, whether to look 'pretty' or 'ugly'... is still... posing, and therefore unrealistic. *eyeroll*
Ian Smith
Only needed one photo. You tuck your chin into your neck in the bad photo. We get it.
enough already! the "real" ones are staged too!
Wow. She really knows her angles
I just want to say... I don't understand all the hate. You see influencers, stop reading the articles if you don't like them, or just downvote it but stop posting the same mean comments over and over, it's ruining the experince for others and besides, that is, in the end, a human being and didn't hurt you in any way, there's no need to make her feel like s**t. Also not all influencers are horrible people. Apart from that... the only problem I have with this article is that the subject is completely unnecessary. What should people do, only post photos in which they look bad because they don't look flawless all the time like in the photos they like to post online? It doesn't make any sense. It;s normal to pose, smile and enjoy flattering photos of yourself. And it's okay to be goofy too.
She just made double chins and thought it was relateable
Myra Groenewegen
With the one on the beach covered in mud/sand, the comparison picture is clearly two different women, which makes a mockery of the whole "Authenticity" premise. That, I think, is the real story here.
Suzanne Harris
So basically, she's pretty average looking and she photo shops a lot. When she's not holding her head at a certain angle or thinned down her face and body, she's just plain. Sure she makes a few funny faced ones, but look at the difference for the mud bath! She edits enough to make it look as though it's a completely different person! wth??
Everyone look how relatable I am!
Jette Wang Wahnon
I don´t really know what an Influencer is and what relevance said person can have in my day-to-day life. I never buy anything crammed down my throat (tv commercials etc) Unknown persons photos bore me,like sitting through a whole evening looking at some-ones holiday pics do.Reality tv even worse...full of obnoxious,pretentious,botox-filled persons with peanut sized brains.....and we are supposed to be influenced ??!! No thank you..
Gina Bina
case and point on why everyone hates "influencers" this was really stupid and very staged
Lenore Lounsbury
Honestly, the most hilarious thing is, is the content of this article. In fact, it is ridiculous. Not only is the content ridiculous but the advice from the vlogger even more so. Sorry, but come on. "Rianne thinks that there are some things that we can do about it" Seriously? That is gut-wrenching!
we all have better and less good photos - and usually, if it is not a funny one or a special occasion, delete the less good ones. Sooo, what's the deal here? Bored indeed.
What a fucking annoying DOUCHEBAG.
Alusair Alustriel
Staged, staged... wth... ehh.
Ana B.
This has -68 likes now, so hopefully BP will get the point and stop posting these... but I won't get my hopes up too high
Daniel Foster
So we've learned....attractive people are attractive when they're posing *and* when they're trying to look goofy? I think this doesn't prove what she thinks it proves....
John L
I am surprised this is still up. I still remember the the post about the couple who decided it would be just peachy to tell everyone about their wedding, using backgrounds of the Australia wildfires as scenery....
Edo Alva
This trend is just an excuse to gain more online popularity. Subtly trying to relate and take sympathy from naive people who silently seeks some hope to be same as fabulous someday. My point being, none of them are even actually too ugly or pretty. Everyone looks just like regular people. But on the other side, we all should know already that everybody can be both good looking or less good looking if we just try, depends on which look we're trying to get. That's normal in portrait photography. If you think about it, both parties are pathetic. Most importantly, dear BoredPanda: it's getting lame please don't publish this trend anymore, at least not over and over.
Dav Carro-Ripalda
Everybody knew photography is an art, and needs study and thought. But i am not interested at all in any instagrammer album. Just another ego in a photo.
He is love
so many complaints! no one is making you click on these posts. Me, I couldn't care less about this crap, but I clicked on it anyway- guess why- because I was BORED! Was it stupid? Yes. Do I care? No. have to say, I enjoyed most of her clothing, nice style.
Naomi Baker
i mean ok but #29 pls no
Influencer??? I don't feel influenced…
Brendy Forest
Stop little pot stop!
Saint Victoria
okay, we get it...................
Samma Jamma
These are getting really mundane and tiresome. Put them to bed.
Ed Souza
Another one of these and they get less funny every time. I just love how narcissistic these people are. Also, making stupid faces is not funny, it's pretty cringe actually.
Nora Ask
She's gorgeous! I like the one's that are literally just a bad picture next to a good one, that shows the contrast. But in so many she's making faces, and that's just silly. It at the very least doesn't send a message at all.
Bruce Kunde
OK so someone took a modeling class and has a BF/photographer
Alexander Brior
I can’t see the difference between any of the pairs of pictures, except for the one where it’s a different person.
Hailey Hailey
In the comments: ugly wenches throwing temper tantrums. Your insecurity is showing!
These were amazing! I found them really nice and funny to look at. She looks so pretty and it's nice to see her looking goofy too. Glad she's enjoying herself and having fun while taking the pictures.
Tanya Creighton
I prefer Loryn Powell, she’s actually relatable and funny. She doesn’t have to fake anything
Bronislav Velecký
come on, not this boring stuff again!
Lana Salberg-Schwickerath
Thin, beautiful, well-dressed, world-traveling model looks good no matter what...yeah, that's teaching kids about reality. Fail.
Pedro Marecos
Totally uninteresting. So unlikable. What The Fuzz?
So. . .we are going with "staged pretty" vs "staged 'real'" now?? You do know that we can tell the difference by now, right?
Love the "look at me and how relatable and quirky I am in my designer clothes because I can make faces" trope.
Sergio Bicerra Descalzi
Ok, again insta vs reality??? I thought you learnt your lesson, BP...
Helene Havard
CutOut StudioUK
Lots of nice looking pictures.
Ray Heap
What´s an instegrammer?
ivan bolitekurac
Now back to "artist illustrates what is wrong with today's society"
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