Senior Couple Poses With Clothes That Their Clients Didn't Collect And The Pics Just Radiate Absolute Class And Style (15 Pics) (Interview)
A wholesome elderly couple from Taiwan is making headlines and going viral on social media for their great style and fashion sense.
Senior Couple Poses With Clothes That Their Clients Didn't Collect And The Pics Just Radiate Absolute Class And Style (15 Pics) (Interview)
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Age is no barrier to looking great. A wholesome elderly couple from Taiwan is making headlines and going viral on social media for their great style and fashion sense. 83-year-old Wan-Ji and his wife, 84-year-old Sho-Er are dressing up and posing in the clothes left behind at their laundry shop and they look magnificent.

The charismatic duo has captured the internet’s heart with both their looks and their wittiness. They both feel extremely young and think that even clothes that are a decade old can still be fashionable. Check out the couple's stylish pics below and let us know in the comments which looks you liked the best and why.

Bored Panda reached out to the couple's grandson and chatted with him about Wan-Ji, Sho-Er, and style in general. "If we stay young at heart, we can still look stylish even when we are old. Just don't limit yourself," the grandson told us. Scroll down for the rest of the interview. And if you want to see more stylish seniors, have a look through Bored Panda’s post right here.

"We are very surprised and we do appreciate so many people love Wan-Ji and Sho-Er. Hope to deliver more and more positive energy to everyone," the grandson told us.

We asked him what fashion tips his grandparents would give other seniors, as well as members of younger generations. Here's what they had to say: "Take a look at your wardrobe. If you are using different ways to style them from before, will it make any difference?"

The couple has gotten so much attention in recent days that their online following is soaring. Right now, they’re at 74.6k followers on Instagram but that number is bound to go up (less than a day ago, they posted about how happy they are to have 50k fans).

On their Instagram page, the husband and wife also remind people to remember to take their clothes with them after they’re done washing them.

Their social media project started after their grandson couldn’t bear seeing them being bored. So he asked them to pose in the clothes left behind at the laundry to show the world that fashion is fun and that your age doesn’t stop you from looking stylish.

Saying that everyone can look stylish is not an empty platitude, though: appearance really does matter, even if you’re 120 years old and living in a care home. Put simply, dressing well and choosing what to wear helps seniors maintain their dignity, self-esteem, and helps them express their identity.

Honestly, I really hope that I can look half as cool as the couple when I reach my eighties—I’d better start practicing now.

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Melissa Sawicki
I absolutely love these 2 amazing people. What fun they seem to be having. She is just a number!!!! Enjoy every single second we are here people!!!!'
The clothes are cool, but the way they look at each other is just the best! The one where he looks over the washing machine lid to her! Love that picture. And many more of this set ;)
Cat Nip Gal
Linda HS
This couple is pretty amazing! Wish everyone was so happy
Raine Soo
This couple certainly has style. And, they are so cute together!
How fun they are! Seriously, could they be any sweeter?! ?
Stylish and classy
The two are so adorable. I love them!
The End Is Nyreezy
They are living their best life and I want tips!
SuGu I really saved those images to get inspired for my next trip. Both look Fabulous
What an absolutely adorable couple!
There is respect and enjoyment evident in this series of pictures. Bravo to their grandson for starting them on this journey. Many of us can learn a lesson or three from them.
Deborah Steen
Age ain’t nothin’ but a number baby!!!
Steve Cruz
First time I visited NYC, a dry cleaners had unclaimed clothes on racks and the friend I was staying with went every day to see what was new. I bought fantastic designer duds for cheeeeeeap. 30 years later I still have a Dolce/Gabbana coat and three Moschino shirts -- less than $100 for all of it.
ebony1k124 touch
They can give a few fashion lessons!
Devon Barnes-Balmer
I want to be then when I grow up! I love them!
A Random Panda
I live for the skirt and baggy tee. Those chucks look so good with that outfit!
Lovely stories always ❣️
Becca Gizmo the Squirrel
Love her blue dress with khaki blazer. She absolutely wears it well.
Starbelly Eleven
I love them!
I hope to be married this long, this much fun & in this good of health if I make it this long. Bless this couple!
Lara Verne
So stylish!
Tracy Rowe
the way they look at each other is just adorable. Total couple goals
Janette Smith
Well that was adorable
Mauve Mouse
I think I would leave cute outfits on purpose so I could see how they style them, ha ha
How fun!
VERY shiek and UNIQUE!
It’s more than the clothing. They exude something.
Picture Queen
What a cute couple! And I love that they wear chucks!
Morgan Carpenter
I hope I'm still this fun and silly in my 80's
Caren Johnson
I am in love with this couple!
Grace Smith
They’re so sweet and fashionable
Chusni Chetanwa
bunch of clowns.lolmao
So sweet!
Evelína Zlá
I hope I will be this amazing and still in love as their are... at their age.
Robin Syr
It's so nice to know that the fun doesn't have an age. (Love the matching blue sneakers!)
Bob Belcher
That blue Adidas sweater looks good on him lol
That was a GREAT idea! You both seem like an AMAZING and FUN couple! I wish you the VERY best!
*sigh* they are so much cooler than me
You're the best Jonas ????
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Michael J.
cool! But, it's a great sense of OTHER people's fashion...not their clothes
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