50 People Who Decided To Drastically Change Their Lives And Are Now Motivating The Internet (New Pics) (Interview)
Losing weight is a huge challenge that takes lots of discipline, courage, and sheer force of will. The people who decide to make themselves healthier by fixing their diets and taking better care of their bodies are individuals that we should look up to. And their stories are inspirational.  
50 People Who Decided To Drastically Change Their Lives And Are Now Motivating The Internet (New Pics) (Interview)
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Losing weight is a huge challenge that takes lots of discipline, courage, and sheer force of will. The people who decide to make themselves healthier by fixing their diets and taking better care of their bodies are individuals that we should look up to. And their stories are inspirational.

Bored Panda has collected some of the most motivational fitness and weight loss success tales, dear Pandas, so scroll down and upvote the ones that wowed you the most. You can check out our previous posts about amazing transformations where it’s difficult to even recognize the people who went through them here, here, and here.

We wanted to learn more about fitness, health, shedding our sedentary lifestyle and getting ourselves to move more in our day to day lives, so Bored Panda spoke with American Paralympian and motivational speaker Josh Sundquist who lost a leg to cancer but never let that stop him from going for his goals. Scroll down for our full interview with him.

“We all have different levels of physical ability, scheduling freedom, and personal motivation to be active. So sometimes there are constraints that make it difficult for people to shed a sedentary lifestyle,” Josh said about how to shed some pounds and get into shape if you spend most of the day sitting.

“I think all research is clear that the best health (physical and mental) outcomes are associated with an active lifestyle, so to the extent it's within your ability, find a physical activity that you enjoy,” said motivational speaker Josh while advocating for a more active lifestyle.

“I think you'll find being active is a definite life upgrade,” he added.

Personally, Josh said that he exercises for the endorphins. “The harder you work, the more your body will reward you with that rush afterward,” he stressed the body’s natural reward system is on our side and ‘wants’ us to move more than most people are used to in the 21st century.

Science is on Josh’s side. While it’s important to love yourself however big or small you might be, it’s also vital to take care of the basics to keep your body functioning properly and to make sure that you live a long life full of quality.

That means substituting junk food for nutritious meals, getting off the couch more often, taking part in sports that you enjoy, getting rid of other unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking, getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water.

For instance, the CDC explains that losing just 5 percent of your weight if you weigh 200 pounds can have lots of positive effects while at the same time decreasing the danger of chronic diseases related to obesity.

Meanwhile, the National Weight Control Registry states that losing weight results in better physical health, higher energy levels, greater physical mobility, improved self-confidence, as well as people’s general mood.

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They all won a whole new face and aura! (also .. this inspired me so much! I fell off the wagon.. gained back about 20 lbs this year.. I'm back on!)
Monty Is Fiennes
Congratulations to all of you....!!!!
Darko Pešić
Those photos are all awesome! There is some chubby ppl at the gym i am going to, and (as a ex fatso) i always wanna talk to them, give them some words of encouragement. I know how hard it is for that first step, you always thing everyone is laughing at you, pointing at you, you are too weak, but that first step is the hardest :D
Amazing!! So happy for these people. ??
This is inspiring after gaining weight through quarantining, (no gym, and boredom eating)!
I struggled with depression then got pregnant and gained 80 pounds during that. I was very small and petite before so it was definitely a change. After I had the baby, the weight just wouldn’t come off. It’s been 2 years now and it’s a very slow process but I’m getting there. I’ve lost 45 so far. It’s hard to find the energy and motivation with depression. It sucks.
Rick Seiden
I lost 100 pounds in about 18 months or so. I've never been able to do anything like this, and I'm super proud I did it. All I did was change what I ate, and how much I ate. And I still follow the same guidelines today because I want it to stay off. It's not a diet. It's a change of lifestyle.
A friend went from almost 200 kg to like 65 kg. You don't lose weight, you actually win a life, or win back a life, so ... congrats!
If they can do it, you can do it too! Just eat right, patient and persistent, and have fun doing it.
Kate Marešová
I wish I had the motivation and strong will :(
I'm really impressed!
I wanna go back to medium size clothes. I will do it!
Little Dino
I'm so happy for all of them and inspired to start working out more! Thanks for the post! :)
Srsly, as I often say about regular people healthfully achieving substantial weight loss and fitness improvements: each one of their success stories is another nail in the coffin of fat acceptance - and that will play a role in there literally being fewer people going into coffins earlier than they should have to. Hammer away at those nails!!!
Noa S
Pounds ? Lbs ? Talk to me in kg. Also - very nice everyone !
Vicky Zar
How do you get the time to work out with two kids and a "new" house to renovate? I usually fall asleep with the kids
I absolutely love the face changes. Bodies aside they all get SO attractive, just because they win some bone structure.
Roald VandeMunt
After years of gaining 1kg each year for the last 15 years, it was time to do something about it. I am 1.87, but 108kg is really too much. Bought a fitness tracker. Fixed a bike so I don't take the car for everything. Started going for hikes, cut drastically on the carbs. After a month I feel better already. I might even start working out (something i previously would reject in the strongest possible way). of course progress is slow - but is is there nontheless. So looking forward on feeling and being healthy again!
Curry on...
Such inspiring transformations. I love how their faces firm up and just radiate a healthier look.
Oskar vanZandt
I need to lose just over 100lbs myself. I do believe mental health issues are at the root of many people's weight problems. I enjoy seeing people getting better and as a result managing to become a healthier weight... I don't think it's essential to become a sculpted body-builder or model. Some of the people in this post have really (drastically) transformed themselves, both physically and I am betting, psychologically.
Wow! Great job, everyone! :)
Max L.
Y'all so beautiful and shining
Ben Smith
Well done to all! Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough
But how to lose weight if you cannot work out due to a back injury? I really want to lose weight but have been adviced against keto as well....
Victoria Swift
Women: "It took me three years of hard work and a disciplined 2 hour daily workout, but I finally lost 100lbs" Men: "I went from 410 to 175 in one year after switching to diet My. Dew and walking my dog every night...well almost every night" The rate men can drop weight is simply not fair. ??
ivan bolitekurac
Congratulations to all of them...Everyone is happier when thinner
Martha Meyer
Really makes you wonder how some of them ended up with so much weight to begin with.
Daniel Lewis
Our society likes to celebrate these weight-loss stories. But people who always maintained good health and never became obese? Yeah, whatever. No praise for you.
maria pereira
oh no!! more land whales...
maria pereira
oh no! more land whales...
Every one of these so-called weight loss success stories is nothing more than a social-construct of thin-privilege by the white-male-patriarchy, promoting the false idea that obesity is unhealthy - which Gender Studies departments have worked so hard to deconstruct!
Think of the fat acceptance blogs and Tumblr pages these people could've worked on instead! Think of the YouTube videos they could've made explaining how 'fatness is a social construct' and that thin-privilege has nothing to do with diet and exercise!
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