Someone Found This $159,900 House Listing That Looks Modest At First But Gets Weird Fast When You Look Inside
The house looks normal from the outside. But once you go inside, it’s a different story. It keeps getting weirder with every step. You start feeling like Alice going to Wonderland for the first time. Or a time-traveling wizard.
Someone Found This $159,900 House Listing That Looks Modest At First But Gets Weird Fast When You Look Inside
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Let’s say that you’re looking to buy a house. What’s the first thing that you do? You go on, Google, of course! You start searching, but your dream house looks like it’s out of your price range, so you lower your standards until you start finding weird hidden gems for low prices. But we doubt you’ve ever seen a house like this before.

Twitter user Frazierapproves (aka Middle-Aged Rust Belt Voter) unearthed what he calls the greatest house listing of all time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It looks completely normal from the outside. But once you go inside, it’s a different story. It keeps getting weirder and weirder with every step that you take. You start feeling like Alice going to Wonderland for the first time. Or a time-traveling wizard.

It literally looks like this house has a bit of everything for every taste. Either that or it’s stuck in some weird time warp. The super-gaudy funhouse can be bought for just 159.9k dollars. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Frazierapproves.

“I live in Pittsburgh and came across the listing via my local subreddit,” Frazierapproves told Bored Panda about how he found the listing. “The front exterior photo is completely unremarkable. It’s very typical of the 1960s Suburban Pittsburgh housing vernacular… particularly in the eastern suburbs. That’s the kind of home they built for middle-class families in the last days of steel. The first surprise came with the photos of the backyard. Not only is the yard larger than one would suspect, but swimming pools are exceedingly rare in this region, due to the hilly topography and small window of summer-like temperatures.”

According to the Twitter user, things start to get really weird with the very first interior photo. “The first thing you see is the vaulted ceiling in spiral staircase in what, by all external appearances was a single floor ranch house. The living room and library appear to have some light medieval theming with a large outer space mural, which is the first indication that we are dealing with something truly special here,” he said.

“Each successive photo reveals another genre-themed room, with an increasing level of commitment. It’s like a miniature amusement park or a home-sized movie studio. It is simply the most amazing home I have ever seen.”

Frazierapproves believes that the owner of the house is “clearly” a fan of genre fiction. “But, more importantly, they are the kind of person who recognizes that a home should be a reflection of one’s own personality. I’ve been in my house for years, and some of the rooms still bear the last owner’s paint on the walls. It’s safe. It’s ‘tasteful.’ This person clearly made the house their’s, and that’s something that all of us who are fortunate enough to own their own homes, should aspire to.”

The Twitter user admitted that he’s not really in the market for a new home and is more of a city person. “So that house isn’t for me, but if I had the money, I would scoop it up to use as a retreat/party/clubhouse, without changing a thing… aside from tossing the creepy robot.”

The Twitter user’s post got a lot of attention online with 92k likes and 19.5k retweets. A lot of people joked that the house is listed for very little when you consider that it has a 25th-century ‘spaceship’ inside.

However, that’s far from the only thing that you will find when you walk through the door. The former ranch that was converted into a two-story house also has a 13th-century castle living room, an elevated library that you can reach by going up a ladder, and a talking space alien that greets you.

But that’s not all! There’s also a galley kitchen and you can reach the laundry room and the workshop by going through a hatch. The house also has a spiral staircase that leads up to the bedrooms, the den area, and a walkway.

One of the bedrooms is tropical island-themed (with an indoor beach no less) while another is a ‘70s hippie crash pad with a water bed. Oh yeah, and the back yard comes with a pool and a patio. Are we the only ones who think that the people living in this house would feel like they have their very own magical kingdom?

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mph seti
I think it's cool. Respect to the magnificent weirdos who did this.
Pittsburgh rare
I want it
wow, it's like 'living in parents garage, but better' :D
Kerri Russ
My husband figures the beach room is the Holodeck. Works for me.
Elisabet Larsen
Its a Tardis. Bigger on the inside.
Krazy Kanuck
and to think I was working towards getting a house like this (see picture). UNTIL I saw this posting.. I wonder if I could hire the architect to build me something like this on the Pacific Coast.. with Pacific Ocean as the theme & backdrop
tyrannus basilton grimm pitch
my kind of weird.
Biljana Malesevic
Someone really loved this house.
What a wacky house! I never expected it to be so fun inside!! :)
nic cage is my spirit animal
I have so many questions about how this came to be
Missy Barton
Bigger on the inside
Shinomi Chan
Shut up and take my money
Max L.
Looks it was abandoned quickly, abducted or exploring mission on this planet completed.
Still for sale
Diane Herman
That beach is actually a giant cat litter box. Or at least it would end up being that in my house.
I hope they don't let the cat in the room with all the sand...
This would be a popular one on airbnb
Chris DiFonso
That is a very schizophrenic house!
Kenny Kulbiski
I kinda like most of it but I'm guessing whoever put it together doesn't give a damn about my or anybody else's opinion. Rightfully so.
Oskar vanZandt
It's unusual, to say the least! But kudos to the creative owners who invented their own vision of a home...
it looks like my house in animal crossing
Most if not all furniture/decorations will be going so when all is removed probably will look completely different! I'd take it as it is tbh :D
Genevieve Luttrell
It’s the COOLEST
Helen Haley
This is what houses should be. Fun, creative, unique. Instead of the millions of duplicate beige monstrosities.
Sofía Camussi
lmao i thought the ending of this post was gonna be like: "guess what we saw this same indoor beach in a pornhub video, turns out it was a porn studio" or smt like that.
Quality Cup of Ramen
This looks like the kind of house someone would make in the Sims
Quality Cup of Ramen
This honestly looks like the kind of stuff I make in the sims
Jeff Diamond
Just $159,900 for a combination castle/beach/spaceship with a pool? Dang. That's called having your cake and eating it, too.
Geo. Tirebiter
best example of the old cliche, you live inside a house, not on the outside.
Denise Mclean
Fun place to live in !
Looks like a gamer house for tabletop RPG players! Dungeons and Dragons, some Star Wars RPG’s... nothing too strange about it at all!
Steve Cruz
The houseplants are in remarkable condition, so the place isn't vacant or neglected. This seems like the kind of place that someone will open a door and discover three people who have never been outside of it in their lives.
Petri Häkkinen
Pretty sure at least one person who lived there likes shrooms.
Stoned. Very, very stoned. For many, many years. A stoned, bipolar schizophrenic. Or maybe just some fun people that didn't give a rat's ass what we thought of them.
Donna Reynolds
Trippy man.
Daniel Mason
If the Crystal Maze was a house
Oscar Contender
Some of the rooms have a Meow Wolf vibe - very cool!
Becca Gizmo the Squirrel
In the '90's I had that pink blacklight poster with the mountain on it.
bee girl
I would think it would be so much more expesive
Janet Kasten Friedman
This comment has been deleted.
sharron lynn parsons
As someone once said, " you never know, what goes on, behind closed doors !!!
david kohn
i kinda like the room with the nautilus theme
Chelsea Shimell
I love it!! Only complaint is it needs more windows. I love seeing houses where the personalities of the occupants come through. Boring house = boring people to me
Addison Sheen
Looks like the Addams Family's house and the Doctor Who tardis had a baby and it's a house. XD
Starter home for the people who own McMansion with the town in the basement. Wonder what their next home will look like...
Way over the top weird!
Very fancy and interesting, but it looks cluttered to me. And it looks old.
Jo Choto
I could not live there but it’s fun.
SF Angel
Awesome place for a photo studio
My cats want that basement bar with the sand. I'm not buying it for them.
Iva Kazalova
Someone was murdered in this house, mark my words
Ice cube
I wonder how long it took to install all that stuff...
Lindy Mac
I dunno about this house.... The front door is blocked by a bush which I find very odd. And the second issue I have with the description of the house was the vault door in the kitchen leading to the 2nd floor....!!?? It's a one story house with a basement...WTH? I smell a rat.... or a joke... well something smells.
Dude, that's dope.
Hannah Dunn
It would be a fun to live there
Mad Mar
I'd buy it. Looks awesome.
Amy Pontious
Brent Hollett
That spaceship room is a Roleplaying Table setup. The GM in the big chair at the end, the TV at the other end to show clips or play music for setting. 100% guarantee, also would like to join the group. ?
Acapella Toes
Am I the only on that thinks maybe the owner murder people lol
It looks like they couldn't decide on a theme, so they split it 3 ways. Medieval, future, and beach. It reminds me of that apartment in France where it looks so plain outside but the inside is like Versaille!
Paco Hernandez
The hatch in the kitchen looks photoshoped to me.. and after that... but I may be wrong I don't have my glases with me
Katie Black
Love it.
What the...
Ugh.. that's one tacky house.
Chris Arlott
It's like an episode of the crystal maze :D
Jake Weber
a house for 159k? denver is fucked
Mike Rodrick
I hope there's another way to the 2nd floor other than the spiral stairs!
Simon Edwards
I think he and I should meet. My place looks normal from the outside too....
cat nip nip nip
Weird Al lived there
Ποιητικό Αίτιο
Dude! It looks like What Remains of Edith Finch! Each room its own story.
Lyone Fein
I'm thinking that someone made various "films" in that house.
Ace Cole
I would absolutely live there.
Bettye McKee
If I were 50 years younger, I would cherish this house. You would never get bored!
Debbie Archimedes
Um, unique?
Ann O'Riley
Is it still on the market? I'll take it!
Sasha Titus
This is like 98% my dream home.
Mavi Hava
I would buy this house for 159,900. I mean, its legit
?????I’m not sure what I just saw?????
Claire Brown
That house is all over the place. It’s like multiple people owned it, but instead of redoing everything, they just added on to the weirdness.
Kiss Army
This is so awesome! I would love to live in it... although my cats would probably use the "beach" as a litter box!
Dl B
Is it like the Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside? From the outside it doesn't seem like there is enough room in there for all that stuff.
I think I just found my dream home
Gale Vester
My oh my! This looks like an art installation that really needs to be kept within the group of ‘magnificent weirdos’ (as said by mph seti in the comments here) to be improved on! (What I wrote when I shared this to F-book: “This house ‘looks modest at first,’ they say, but inside? It’s a different story, not quite ‘like Alice going to Wonderland for the first time,’ but if her tab of acid, given to her by that white rabbit, has just started to kick in! ?“
Oliver Godula
You found Kibby Gibblers house- From full/fuller house
Bored Bear
It looks like a thrift shop
Donna Cheung
I don't care how weird it is. Where I am, this amount of money would get you about 100 sq ft, if you're really lucky.
Sarcastic Cow
It´s for LARP lover!
Natalie Scott
I used to live down the street from an artist. He decorated the front of his house every three months or so with different bits and pieces he had neighbourhood kids collect. He once did a stunningly beautiful mural entirely out of bottle caps. Took us months to find enough. But it was a labor of love. In the fall of was leaves. One summer popped water balloons. He would cover as much as he could with tarps while he was working on them. There would be a giant circle of kids, and quite a few adults as well waiting for the unveilings. It seems like this kind of individuality is dying. And that's a crying shame.
That indoor beach is a holodeck
Ally R
It's animal crossing brought to life! Love it.
Gerry Higgins
I like that large living area with spiral stair. The rest can be redecorated.
Jarno Flinkers
It's like a tour in a time capsule.
Oh gosh, I couldn’t live there
Eclectic doesn't really describe this fustercluck.
Tiny Dynamine
Nice house. You could probably do something cool with once they've got all their furniture out! :D
Loki’s Lil Butter Knife
Well, it is certainly "unique", or perhaps "eclectic" would be a better word. I'll just leave it at that...
Cristina S.
And we had a hard time selling our old house because people didn’t like the color of the porch....
It's like they couldn't decide what kind of theme they wanted inside of their house so they chose all of them!
Foxxy (The Original)
That poor house has some great potential yet looked like someone just threw up all over it. Someone needs to give it the love it deserves.
Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bit creepy? But the backyard is cool :)
Andrew Keane
Parts of it are oddly creepy. It's an amazingly deceptive house though. If I bought it I'd redecorate the hell out of it.
Looks like a cult lived there. Creepy.
Dawn Murphy
Two words....HOT MESS! :)
Aleksandar Kuyumdzhiev
I think its trash
Germán Martinez
I Think this house were used like homemade porn studio or something like that
Grumble O'Pug
Will be nice if someone puts in the work to remodel. Right now shithole is too nice of a descriptor.
Mshauri Mazuri
It's weird. Yeah. Not common but it's okay. If I'm gonna be the next owner,well............. I'm gonna renovate the whole house. I mean, WHOLE HOUSE.
Id row
The back yard is appealing, the rest of it needs to be gutted.
Aunt Messy
Kill it! Kill it with fire!
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