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30 Worst Things Seen During Structural Inspections (New Pics) (Interview With Expert)
Some inspectors stumble upon the weirdest during their examinations of buildings. Like skulls. Or occult altars. Or dolls that have a ghost living inside of them and whose eyes follow you when you look away.
30 Worst Things Seen During Structural Inspections (New Pics) (Interview With Expert)
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You’d think that the worst things that structural inspectors find would be faulty foundations, hideous holes in houses, as well as asbestos in the attic. However, some inspectors seem to have bad luck following them about because they stumble upon the weirdest, creepiest, and horrifying things during their examinations of buildings. Like skulls. Or occult altars. Or dolls that have a ghost living inside of them and whose eyes are totally following you when you look away.

Bored Panda interviewed Derek Marier from California-based Alpha Structural, Inc. about the strange things that he and his co-workers find during their inspections. In fact, there are so many peculiar finds that Marier makes a weekly thread on Imgur about them and always gets the internet’s attention. In fact, the company already has nearly 11,000 followers on Instagram because of the interesting things that its employees see while on the job. We’ve collected some of the best examples to help showcase that the supernatural might be among us.

According to Marier, he found a skull during one inspection and it turned out to be over 1,000 years old!

“Coming across things such as the dolls or a skull shake you up at first. You’re expecting to locate a structural defect but come end up finding something you can almost label as satanic or ancient. I would have to say the skull gave me the biggest chills by far. I assumed that it was fake right from the start, but I didn’t realize that I picked up an actual skull from Peru which was estimated at being 1,000+ years old,” Marier went into detail during an interview with Bored Panda.

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So scroll down, upvote your favorite freaky finds, and leave us a comment about which things you thought were the strangest and why. When you’re done with this list, be sure to check out Bored Panda’s previous posts about nightmares and miracles spotted during inspections, as well as the worst thing seen during inspections.

“I would say the tunnel somebody dug under the foundation put more fear into me than any of the creepy Items I have found. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting trapped under houses by attempting to squirm through those gaps. That’s a nightmare in itself. Thank the lord there was no scary doll or human skull staring me in the face while I was attempting to crawl through!”

During structural inspections, if Marier finds anything weird or creepy, he first takes photos of the items, then informs the homeowner about them, and then contacts the authorities. However, he contacts the police only if he finds things that are a bit ‘sketchy or require forensic investigation.’

“The Nkondi [a type of mystical doll] was just hanging out in somebody’s garage, as if it were normal to just have a spiritual statue from a Congo Tribe. I don’t think it was fake at all either,” he said, also mentioning that he has no idea where the 1,000-year-old skull ended up. The authorities took the skull for further investigation. I didn’t really stay in touch with them so I’m not entirely sure where it ended up. I can only assume it’s in some holding facility for contraband or at a local Peruvian Museum.”

“The dolls stayed there because I know better than to touch those! Most of the structural issues you see in the gallery were completely handled by our company. It’s definitely scary for the homeowner at first, but we’ve been doing this for 25+ years and are very experienced in structural repair. Especially if they’re labeled as ‘scary.’”

According to Marier, not all owners are aware that they have scary things hidden in their homes. “In the case of the skull, the owners didn’t know it was there. The previous owners brought it back some time in the 70s or 80s and just threw it under the home. They were just as surprised to see it as I was! The dolls were also found under the home creepily enough. Whether the owners knew they were there or not is beyond me. But they had no reason being there and that made me think it was either a prank or that they’ve been sitting under the home for decades becoming more and more evil looking.”

In a previous interview, foundation repair contracting firm Alpha Structural, Inc. talked to Bored Panda about poor structural conditions in some buildings, as well as giving advice to help homeowners make their homes safer. Company representative Ben Reinhart had this to say: “I would say one of the worst homes we inspected was back in 1992. We went to a 3-story hillside home located in Playa del Rey.”

“The condition of the soil supporting the home was so bad that, during our assessment, we found that the home was cracking and actually moving. We are not alarmists in any sense but this was the first time we had to evacuate. Temporary shoring was put in the next morning to prevent the home from collapsing. The complexity of the repair required, getting a large rig on a steep hillside to excavate a 55’ deepened foundation, made this one of the worst most challenging in our long history. Let’s just say if we were on a reality TV show, this episode would’ve been a season finale.”

According to Alpha Structural, Inc., there are lots of reasons why some homes aren’t repaired and have problems with their foundations, such as “budget constraints, timing, accessibility of workspace, etc.” However, the company believes that most of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the contractors who are hired to repair their homes and don’t always do a good job.

The company also had some sound advice to help home-owners keep their homes safe: “Our advice would be to clean out gutters, ensure you have downspouts that direct water away from your foundation and see that the hardscape (walkways, patios, etc.) and landscape grade away from the home. Most foundation problems are caused by water and poor drainage.”

“If you look under your home, check to see that there is no earth to wood contact. Not only will moisture from the ground get to the wood and cause rot, it also allows for wood destroying organisms to get to the framing of your home. Additionally, earthquake retrofitting is a cost-effective upgrade encouraged by not only engineering communities, but also local and state officials.”

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House inspectors don't always catch everything, but these pictures are an argument for never buying without getting an inspection done. I rejected a few houses because of the house inspector's findings, last time I was searching.
Jo Choto
Makes me wonder how safe my house is...
Okay, so I understood what the one person was saying about different soil types and natural phenomenon that influence the way houses are built in different countries, but all of these foundations look crazy and scary as hell for someone from SA where we are literally thought about cement foundations in high school subjects. We don't have crazy crawl spaces. Are formal housing is solidly grounded.
Jim Ellington
Needs more photos of bases of support columns. They are SO interesting.
Martha Meyer
Quite a few of these should lead to the arrest of some builders, if you ask me!
I'm sooo glad I rent. At least I can just walk away
Full Name
I have seen some horrific things in my time that could easily make this list. People are nuts. Some jobs are not meant for DIY.
Michelle Muirhead
I am totally horrified. The safety, the cost to repair!! It just goes on.
Jon S.
Morale of this post: Don't live in a place with hills...?
Inspections is very important, before buy a house you need them to go check what's underneath, even after you have been lived for many years you still need them to come check, prevent/avoid anything bad happens.
Jeff Diamond
My first house had 2x4 floor joists set too far apart. It's a wonder nobody died before my wife and I fixed it.
We had to redo the basement floor. Base is concrete, on which there were slates and plywood. Plywood was curving because of too much humidity. Removed the tiles, the plywood and then the slates which were NAILED into the concrete. But they were so soft and rusty that I took them out with my bare hands. Lovely house.
Theory Buchannon
Every time I saw a brick in these pictures I started to think of Pink Floyd's song (Another Brick in the Wall). At the second to last picture, I just gave up humming and screamed at the top of my lungs the lyric to the song.
Viv Hart
Do US cities not have building codes that must be adhered to? As J Labuschagne says below, in SA your house must have a foundation. If you build on a hillside, you use proper supports, with cantilever decks, etc.
It is for the best if the foundation of the house is cement.
Karolína T.
Terrific. These paper-like houses reminds me the hut on chicken foot from horror myths...
Eric Forster
That is truly frightening, very much like a horror movie.
If you have a crawl space that’s open like that, get it checked out, close / conditioned or move :-)
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